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Rehabilitation for the body
Physical needs are met through nutritious food, clean and comfortable housing, appropriate clothing, medical support and wellness education.
Alcohol and drug education and counseling
We have in-house AA, CA and NA meetings
Regular individual counseling sessions
The central focus is our journal series consisting of 15 workbooks that guide the beneficiary through each stage of recovery

Rehabilitation for the Mind
Psychological, emotional and professional issues are addressed through group and individual counseling, continuing education, life skills classes, work therapy, vocational training and support, recreation and socialization activities.
All beneficiaries work full time in the program. The ARC does not receive state or federal funding. 
The work increases self-esteem and brings structure back into a person’s life. 
Rehabilitation for the Spirit
Faith, fellowship and strength of character are imparted through church services, Bible study, devotions and pastoral care.
Daily morning devotions
Weekly Bible study
Sunday and Wednesday Chapel services
Spritual Counceling

No insurance is required!  The main funding for the program is The Salvation Army Family Stores, where used textiles and household goods are donated by the community.

Intake Hours: 
Call your local center for details.
Evening hours by appointment

Required documents are; 
Social Security card & Photo ID

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